Craft Business Ideas

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Are you a motivated, skilled and disciplined crafter who is looking for a way to turn your FUN into FUNDS? This website is dedicated to helping you learn how to earn an income and possibly even a full-time living doing the craft(s) you love most.

I’m Amy Solovay. I help solopreneurs in the crafting niche learn how to use their knowledge and talents to develop multiple income streams.

I am a textile designer turned crochet pattern designer, writer and craft blogger. I have earned my full-time living from my crafts while traveling all over the world by sailboat.

I didn’t set out to sail, travel and do crafts; things happened to work out that way for me, but that isn’t necessarily the ideal situation for running a craft business. If you want to travel and craft, you can, but traveling will place certain limitations on what you can and can’t accomplish. You can craft and earn from anywhere with an internet connection, but it’s ideal if you have a home base to work from. It’s a lot less stressful if you can make money with a home-based craft business rather than a mobile one that moves from place to place.

To be continued!!